don’t throw out your dirty water until you get in fresh

don’t throw out your dirty water until you get in fresh

c 1475 in Modern Philology (1940) XXXVIII. 121 He ys a fole that castith a-way his olde water or he have new.

1623 W. PAINTER Palace of Pleasure C4v The wise prouerbe wish all men to saue Their foule water vntill they fayrer haue.

1710 S. PALMER Proverbs 89 Don’t throw away Dirty Water till you have got Clean... The Man being possess’d with Avarice, throws away a Certain Benefit upon uncertain..Expectations.

1842 S. LOVER Handy Andy xxix. ‘I’ll change my clothes.’.. ‘You had better wait... You know the old saying, “Don’t throw out your dirty wather until you get in fresh.”’

1911 G. B. SHAW Fanny’s First Play III. 208 Dont you throw out dirty water til you get in fresh. Dont get too big for your boots.

1986 M. SLUNG More Momilies 67 Don’t throw out dirty water until you have clean.

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